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Apr. 23rd, 2008 | 09:54 pm

Well its been awhile. Em made sure to remind me of that ;)

Not a whole lot has been going on recently in my life other than hanging out with my beautiful girl, working, and just hanging out.

Em and i are doing better than ever. I feel so open and honest with her now and its one of the best feelings i've felt. I really feel like i fall in love with her over again every day i'm with her. we have been arguing a lot less due to me being less of an idiot lately which is very nice. hanging out with cool people is always fun, except for when they ditch us.

I'm really excited for what this summer has to offer. mainly going outside, no school, and tons of free time to hang out with people and do unique outdoor activities hopefully. good times.

i feel about as far opposite for rib city as i do for Em. it feels like i grow out of love with rib city each and every day i'm there. the people there aren't cool, except for jake, and its just repetitive, boring ass cheap work.

fortunately though, my dad has been having me work for him lately for $10/hour in the mornings which is awesome...except for the whole morning part. hopefully he gets another big job so i can work for him full time in the summer and quit rib city. if that happens ill be making bank along with having tons of free nights to hang out.

I paid my laptop off today which is a huge ass weight off my shoulders.

i've been going to chuch every sunday since easter and i'm pumped about that. ive needed this for awhile and thank God for it :) im getting baptized sunday and my aunt and uncle are coming to it whom i havent seen in like a year or so. also, mario kart comes out sunday so that is awesome.

i cant wait for school to get out so i can hang out with people. i cant wait to quit rib city so i can hang out with people. i cant wait to hang out with people so i can hang out with people.

oh, how could i forget? my paladin is level 66 8) hopefully 70 by june. phat lewts incoming.

im a fucking loser.

but i'm in fucking love with Em, and she accepts me as a loser....a hot loser :)

there you go babe. i hope it kept you on the edge of your seat :-p. i love you:)

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the land of lost monsters

i'm so glad you paid off your laptop

from: xemily89
date: Apr. 24th, 2008 02:23 am (UTC)

lmao :) i love you so much boob. thank you for updating ahaha :*

i feel like i fall in love with you everyday too and it keeps getting better and better. i can't wait until we can move out and into an apartment or somewhere with each other. its going to be awesome wecandoiteverywhere:) <3
life rocks

i also can't wait for good times in the summer with you. lets try to do as much outside as possible

ps youre the hottest loser in the world and im lucky that i am the hottest loser in the world's gf and that i get to do you. i mean what.
idk whats up with me recently but i know whats up with you harhahraharhra.

weiner weiner weiner

i love you boob breast boob

you should have written something about the office but thats okay ill forgive you ;)

i love you again

nedward says hi. so does orange guy. garage kitty. new cat next door. i am a fag.

16 hours til i get to see you

i agree people ditching us 50% of the time is gay. but its okay because i still get to be with you so i always have a good time

im gonna beat your ass in mario kart

i love you♥

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